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Board/Commission:  Committee:Finance

Contact Name: Bernardo Giuliana, School Business Administrator
Phone: 732-613-6723

Board Committees

The Board of Education authorizes the creation of committees of Board members charged to conduct studies, make recommendations to the Board, and act in an advisory capacity. Committees are not authorized to take action on behalf of the Board. Annually, the Board President shall appoint Board members to serve on designated committees.

Ad Hoc Committees

An ad hoc committee may be created and charged at any time by the Board President or a majority of the Board members present and voting. The Board President shall appoint members to any committee so created and charged; members shall serve until the committee is discharged.

Committee Members

Committees shall consist of no more than four Board members, one of who shall be the Board President, who shall serve as ex officio member on all Board committees. A chairperson shall be appointed by the Board President. An additional Board member may also be appointed as an alternate committee member who will substitute in the absence of a committee member.

Where a committee’s composition includes employees, the employees shall be designated by the Superintendent.

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings may be called at any time by the committee chairperson or when a meeting is requested by a majority of the members of the committee.

Committee meetings shall not be open to the public, except that a majority of the committee or the chairperson may open the meeting to the public or invite persons whose knowledge or expertise may be useful to the committee.

Committee of the Whole

The Board reserves the right to meet and work as a Committee of the Whole in informational, discussion, and exploratory sessions. No official action shall be taken at these meetings, unless so advertised.

Board Seats: 

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